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Who Are We?

We are an SEAI registered attic insulation installer. We have offices in Galway and Mayo so have you covered in the west if you need mineral wool attic insulation or spray foam attic insulation.

Where We Cover?

We have offices in both Galway & mayo and can install both mineral wool & spray foam attic insulation in Mayo, Galway, Sligo, Roscommon, Leitrim, Longford & Athlone. 

Get in touch for a no obligation quote today!

Am I Eligible For A Grant?

Get in touch with us to find out if you're eligible for an attic insulation grant. One of our team will be happy to run you through the criteria.


What Are The Benefits Of Attic Insulation?

There are several benefits from insulating your attic. The main one is cutting down on energy bills. It will also improve soundproofing and reduce your CO2 emissions. Up to 25% of a dwellings heat is lost through the roof so make the change today!

Are There Attic Insulation Grants Available?

Yes and we can take care of the grant paperwork for you. The following amounts are available:

Apartment - €800 

Mid-Terrace - €1,200

Semi-detached or end of terrace - €1,300

Detached house - €1,500

Does Attic Insulation Cause Condensation?

Whether using spray foam attic insulation or mineral wool attic insulation, our highly trained operatives always ensure each house has adequate ventilation to avoid condensation.

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